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A simpe update.


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Posted on Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:11 pm

Hello everyone, I am back annnd on spring break so I decaded to see how everyone here was doing.
other then that this is my real-life Photon/galaxy deck:

galaxy-eyes photon dragon-2
photon thrasher-2
photon crusher-2
photon chargeman-2
photon Caesar-2
photon lizard-2
photon slasher-2
paladin of photon dragon-1
galaxy knight-2
galaxy wizard-2
galaxy tyrano-1
galaxy serpent-1
cyber dragon-3
radius the half-moon dragon-2

Rank-up magic barians force-2
galaxy queens light-2
galaxy zero-2
galaxy expedition-2
photon sanctuary-1
galactic charity-2
photon trident-2
luminous dragon ritual-2
message in a bottle-1

oasis of dragon souls:3
photon current-2

starlige paldynamo-1
starlige lord galaxion-1
neo galaxy-eyes photon dragon-1
#69:galaxy-eyes prime photon dragon-1
#107:galaxy-eyes techyon dragon
#c107:neo galaxy eyes techyon dragon
#96:galaxy eyes dark-matter dragon-1
twin photon lizard-1
mighty warrior-1

I toke it to the regionals that was held in my city and got outplayed 7-8 games in a row.
The real world equivalent may be hard to adjust with my founds being right now but I would like some tips and advice on how to improve it. well that's all for now I will post again when I get the chance.

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