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(Novel) Moonlight's Howl


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Kurono Satō
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Veteran Member [LV3]

Posted on Sat Apr 18, 2015 5:29 am

Moonlight’s Howl
It was dark, the moon in the midnight sky non-existent as the stars only gave off the minimal amount of light. The only sounds that could be heard was the running of footsteps, the crunching of twigs and leaves as a sole being ran across the forest floor, avoiding trees and limbs as he ran trying to escape the people that were trying to capture him again. A young boy, no older than 7, running as fast as his feet could carry him to escape, to freedom. Suddenly tripping on a loose root in the ground sending him tumbling to his hands and knees, cutting and scraping him as he fell. Panting he just laid their trying to catch his breath listening, waiting for any sound of the ones following him. After sometime he slowly moved back onto his knees and slide till his back was up against a tree, finally catching his breath. Letting his eyes slide close for only a second to open them again to a man ramming the butt of a rifle into his face.
"Finally found you, you little shit, thought you could escape could you?" Said the man. "I don't think so, I’m not finished with you yet, along with the rest of the town, I have a lot planned for you and only then may you rest for the final time." Grinning the man continued, "but not until you've watched what we have in store for that bitch of a sister and mother you have." Disoriented the boy looks up to the man, his nose bleeding, when he suddenly kicks him in the face.
Suddenly bolting up out of bed the young man looks around his room, breathing heavy, his hair matting his head drenched in sweat. Slowly taking in his surroundings. The small dresser in the corner with a desk with his laptop beside it, his bed in the center of his room with the foot of the bed 4feet from the closet door. The walls and ceiling a base white color, and the carpet a light brown. A few rays of sunlight peeking through the single window sitting above his desk. Covering his eye with his right hand taking slow shaky breaths. He tries to reign in his heart rate. Eventually catching his breath, he looks at the clock seeing it read 6:05, sighing he thinks 'may as well get ready'. Pushing himself up and out of bed, he heads for the shower.
Half an hour later, he walks back into his room with nothing but a towel on, looking in the full body mirror, he takes in his appearance. Short, silver hair leads down to dual colored eyes, the right being a deep red, the left being an ocean blue. Reaching up he runs his fingers softly across the scar that runs through his left eye, he slowly looks down to the, thin, crescent shaped scar that is wrapped around where his heart is. The reminders of his betrayal. Letting his eyes travel down his 5"11 form, taking in all the other scars that adorn his, lightly muscled, chest and upper arms. Sighing he turns and heads to the closet, dropping the towel he starts getting ready.
Walking out the house, with a single slice of toast hanging from his mouth, adjusting his tie, he heads down the short pathway leading to the road. Sighing he stares straight up slowly munching on his toast thinking this will be a very slow and boring day. As he is walking, he starts getting lost in his thoughts of certain events that happened about a decade ago, the source of many of his nightmares. Turning his attention back to the road, quickly finishing the toast, he starts running towards the train station.
After running the mile to his destination, he waits for his train to get there. Looking around he sees he’s the only one waiting at the moment. Walking closer, he checks his image on a reflective surface, making sure his hair is lying flat and isn’t out of place. As he’s looking at his reflection he can’t but stare at the scar that is now a permanent feature of his face. Running his finger across it, images of a, short, brunette girl, with deep green eyes flash across his mind, in turn making him growl in a low and feral manner, before turning away and stalking closer to where the train would be stopping shortly.
After a somewhat short and irritating train ride, he continues his path down the road coming upon an intersection. Pulling his phone out of his pocket, readjusting his tie, starts scrolling through the events that happened in the last few days. Taking head phones out of his other pocket and plugging them into his phone, putting a single bud in his left ear and proceeds to listen.
"Early this morning the local law enforcement was able to eliminate several, and crack down on over 2 dozen unregistered lycans that was holding the crest of the infamous rebel group, The Silver Fangs. Yet the leader of the rebellious pack of lycans, the notorious and infamous silver wolf has still not been located, if anyone has any information on the menace contact the police dept. More information on this story tonight at 8PM."
Tearing the buds out of his ear with a low growl, he shoves the phone and headphones back into his pocket, thinking 'those bastards.' He turns and looks around him, several people staring at him. Snapping at them he yells, “What the hell are you all looking at?!" Everyone quickly looks away and up at the light, like nothing happened, waiting for it to change, except for one girl. She looks up at him with big soft green eyes, eyes that looked like hers, framed by golden blonde hair. He sighs leaning down and stares at what looks like a 10 year old girl. “And what are you looking at little miss?” She gives him the biggest smile she can and says,” Nothing really, I just thought you looked really cool, is that your normal eye color?" She cocks her head to the side in a questioning way waiting for him to answer, but before he can say anything her mother intervenes. "Of course they're not natural dear, no normal human being look like that without something altering their appearance. Now, leave him alone, dear. It’s not safe talking to random people on the street." He flashes her a glare, a small unnoticeable growl deep in his throat. Turning his attention back to the little girl, he gives a small, pained smile. "Of course their natural, I have a special defect that changed eye color. It’s a long complicated word called heterochromia iris." She nods her head in understanding, before feeling her mother tugging her away, turning back to him she waves with another huge smile upon her face. "Bye-bye, mister." He gives her a small wave back before turning and looking at the light again.
Taking a deep breath to calm his frazzled nerves from looking into eyes that reminded him of her, he catches a scent. Quickly taking another, he starts quietly sniffing the air. Thinking, 'What is that smell, it’s so intoxicating.' Looking around for the source of it. The light changing as he isn’t paying attention, doesn’t notice everyone starting moving across the street. He finally sees the source that’s making such an appealing smell, it’s a young woman. Rooted to the spot he takes in her features, her smell, and her laugh? He watches her as she walks by him, giving him a better look at her. She’s 5'4 with long flowing black hair. On a closer inspection she’s wearing the same uniform as him, but with a skirt.
As she walks by him she looks up to him and gives him a dazzling smile, giving him a look at her glowing green eyes, that reminded him of her, bringing every memory crashing back. Her smile, laugh, the way her eyes seemed like they twinkled when she was up to some kind of mischief. Then he saw the hard green eyes with a smug, satisfied look on her face after she had almost took his left eye with the long, jagged knife in her hand. Shaking himself of the morbid memories he noticed she had already made it half way across the street before starting cross himself.
Keeping his eyes on the young girl he slowly makes his way across the street. Taking steady breaths, still taking in her aroma. 'Why does she smell like this?' he thinks, 'I’m having to control myself from running her down and sinking my teeth into the soft skin on her neck, and making her mine.' Shaking his head he growls again. 'Damn it, must be my damn hormones acting up.' Looking up again he sees she stopped in the middle of the street to tie her laces, her friends already crossed and waiting for her. He sighs thinking 'Really, in the middle of the street, why not stand on the edge of a forty foot cliff while you’re at it.' Suddenly he hears a car speeding closer, he looks up left and right trying to find the source. Finally seeing a small black car speeding in their direction, straight for the girl in the middle of the street, with no indication of it slowing down. He notices the girl looking up and her eyes widening a bit as the car is barreling towards her, fear rooting her in place. He watches as the car gets closer still not slowing, running towards her he yells, "You idiot, move!" In what appears to be a futile effort he starts running towards her.
Time seems to slow down as he’s running towards the girl each agonizing step feeling like an eternity pass, each step bringing him closer, but not fast enough. He grits his teeth and growls, "I’m not going to make it, unless..." He concentrates for a brief second, feeling his heart rate double as the muscles in his legs strain, giving a low feral growl, kicks off with his next step and doubles his speed, when he is only a few feet from her, the car almost upon her and lunges. Time feels as if it has come to a complete stand still as he’s sailing through the air towards her screaming in his mind, "Come on, come on, just a little bit further." Tackling her at the last second and wrapping his arms around her, rolling with her out of the way of the car with only a split second to spare. The car speeding right where the young lady was previously kneeling, running her bag over with both right side tires.
Rapidly rolling several feet before stopping with her under him panting hard. He grabs were his hearts is, taking deep and slow breaths, trying to steady his raging heart, he looks down at the girl he just saved with glowing dual colored eyes taking in her appearance. Her modest size chest rapidly going up and down with each breath she inhaled and exhaled, her eyes wide looking up at the one who saved her. He slowly looked her in green eyes, the eyes that stilled haunted him. Breathing heavily, a mix of his rigorous activity, her scent, and the memories that haunt him. Being just above her made it impossible to ignore, the sweet smell of lilacs and the rainforest.
The young girl looking up at her savior breathing heavy trying to process all that just happened, first she had to stop and tie her shoe, second she’s almost ran over by a car, third she’s tackled and saved by some random guy off the street, she takes in his appearance, a pretty hot guy at that. She shakes her head thinking, 'Where did that thought come from.' After coming out of her thoughts she looks to her savior, to see him missing. Sitting up she looks around for him, her hair swinging back and forth as she’s trying to find him, to properly thank him.
As she turns her head one last time, she’s tackled to her back by a brown colored blur. Looking down as she feels something wet. She sees that it’s her best friend since elementary school, crying into her chest. Smiling softly she leans back up and softly starts rubbing her back. Her friend breaking out into heavier sobs wrapping her arms firmly around her neck and choking her a bit. She looks up as a shadow is towering over them to see it’s her best friends, older, twin brother. Giving him a soft smile she’s barely able to rasp out. "Help?"
He chuckles and starts pulling his younger sister off of her friend, holding her at bay as she tries to attack her friend again with another hug. She smiles and says "Thanks." Getting up and dusting herself off as she’s still looking around to see if she can find any of the unique features of the guy who saved her. After several minutes of looking around she still can’t find him and sighs, turning back to her still sobbing friend she carefully wraps her slender arms around her and rubs her back softly, whispering in her ear. "I’m fine Akira, I’m fine everything is okay." After a solid minute of her crying she starts leading her friend and her brother out of the street and onto the side walk, the sounds of an ambulance ringing in the back ground. She continues to comfort her friend, waiting for the ambulance, her thoughts once again going to the guy that saved her.
Running, it’s all he could do, those haunting, lifeless, green eyes plaguing his thoughts. The eyes of the one he thought he would always be able to trust, the one he fell in love with, the one that betrayed him in the end. Running as fast as his legs could carry him, till he just couldn’t anymore and collapses on to his hands and knees in a back ally, panting, trying to catch his breath. Covering his left eye with his hand as the memories came rushing back.


It was a common night, just like any other that started five years before, when he first met her. He had been on the run for roughly six months when he happened upon her when they were only ten years of age. She was carefree, kind, but had a mischievous streak a mile long. She was fun to be around and helped him accept himself. But he never told her one thing, what he truly was.
He was wandering through the forest late at night, which was usual for him. He had been waiting for the girl he met many years ago to come visit him, which was an increasingly common occurrence. Smiling to himself thinking, 'Today, today's the day I’ll tell her.' With some much energy coursing through his body, he couldn’t help himself but to start running in a random direction, excited that today was going to be the day he told her his final and most guarded secret, and that he loved her. What started out as what he thought heaven felt like, quickly went straight to hell.


Shaking himself of his memories, he stands, putting a hand on the brick wall to steady himself, and dust off his clothes, finally having caught his breath. He runs his fingers through his hair trying to tame it. Pulling his phone out of his pocket he checks the time and sighs. He starts running at a mild, comfortable pace as he was going to be late, with a single thought on his mind. So much for it being a boring day, did get the long part right at least.
She sighs for what she thinks is the thousandth time that morning. She repeats herself. "NO, I have no idea who he was or what his name is, I only briefly got a look at his face." The cops look at her scribbling what she thinks is just little doodles in his notepad, assuming by the look on his face that he didn’t want to be here. He looks up at her again and says, "Let’s go over it one more time." She nods her head and waits for him to continue. "You said That the guy who saved you had, short, silver hair, dual colored eyes and a scar going through the left one. Roughly 6feet tall, with a light build correct?" She nods her head yes, tapping her foot in annoyed manner wishing he would hurry up. "Now the vehicle, the only thing you can tell me is that it was a black 4 door car, with tinted windows." She nods again. "And you weren’t able to get the license plate." "No, I was to busy almost being ran over to get a look." she snaps at him. He turns back to his notepad and starts scribbling. Looking back up all he says is, "We will be in touch." She huffs in annoyance and turns back to her friends.
"Sorry about that guys, they wanted to ask the same questions like a hundred times. Seems like they were more interested in finding the guy that saved me then the one that almost made me a pancake." Her male friend laughs. "They probably just want to give him a medal or something, Maeve. Not every day that a guy willingly runs into the street and saves a pretty young lady." Maeve blushes slightly at his comment and looks down. Akira swatting her brothers arm. "Shut up, Akio, you're embarrassing Maeve." Maeve looks to Akira with a soft smile in thank you. "Though he’s right you are super cute especially when you blush, and why don’t you have a boyfriend yet again?" Maeve’s face burns brightly, grabbing her damaged bag that Akio had grabbed for her while she talked to the cops, and stormed off heading towards school. “Come on we're going to be late.”
He sighs for what feels like the thousandth time that day, running his fingers through his hair. He had finally made it, only being a couple minutes late, and now he’s just waiting to be called in to introduce himself. Straightening out his clothes flattening his hair and schooling his features, he heads in after being signaled to come in.
Heading up to the front of the room and standing in front of the board and turns facing the rest of the class, introducing himself. "My name is Lucien Naviaux, I’ll be joining your class starting today. "Looking out across the room he see’s several girl’s eyes glazing over, staring at him. He sighs turning to the teacher asking if he could take his seat. The Teacher, Ms. Silva, indicated by the name plate on the desk, turns to him with a mischievous smile.
"I don’t think so Mr. Naviaux, theirs a little tradition in this class you see. When we get a transfer student, we get to ask our new pri-, I mean student a couple questions." She gives him a bright smile. He growls in-audibly and turns back to the class. "Alright, so what do you want to know?" Every female, and half the males, in the class proceeds to shoot a hand into the air. He points to a girl that has, what he assumes is dyed, green hair. "What’s your ques-." The door suddenly slamming open and 3 teens, 1 male 2 female, running in.
The lead girl looks to the teacher and pants. "Sorry we're late, something happened on the way to school. So we were running a little behi-." She turns a bit as she’s talking and sees him. Pointing a finger at him she screeches, "It’s YOU!"
He sighs, covering his left eye with his hand and shifts his weight to one leg mumbling to himself. 'Of course she’s in the same class.' The teacher looks between the two, putting a finger to her cheek and cocking her head to the side in a questioning manner. "Um do you two know each other?" The young woman ignores her teacher and storms up to Lucien glaring at him. Lucien slowly removes his left hand from over his eye, as he does so he catches her scent again. Shaking himself he stares right back at her, a passive look taking a hold over his face. After a short stare down, Maeve’s look softens and gives him a light smile. She reaches out her left hand to him and introduces herself. "I’m Maeve Shirayuki, thank you for saving me earlier. I wish you would have stayed so I could properly give you my thanks."
He slowly takes her hand and shakes it, staring back at her vivid green eyes. Her face flashing across his mind for a second along with the pain and grief before forcing the feelings down and focusing back on the young woman before him. Keeping a stoic look upon his face. "Lucien Naviaux, and don’t think anything of it, I didn’t even know what I was doing till I was staring down at you." Dropping her hand he turns back towards the class and starts heading to an empty desk, hoping everyone forgot about asking him questions, no such luck.

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