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Posted on Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:33 pm

As you prob noticed, I haven't posted a new chapter in the Emerald Empire in quite a while. 'tis is because it's been quite stressful on me so I'm taking a break from it (it's alot harder to write than it looks) so in the mean time I'll be writing a flyff fanfic that I am yet to think of a name for.

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was five creators, full of different, infinite powers. These creators eventually got quite bored of it just being the five of them in the universe, so they decided to create a world, built up by parts of their own selves. Firstly, Herness decided that their world's inhabitants should require one main element to live, so she added water to the world. Second, Ipuli was creative enough to come up with the concept of breathing, so she added some of her wind to the world. Third, Shelid though that their world would need an endless cycle, so he added the land, plants, and come up with the concept of eating. Fourth, Raon added fire to keep their creatures warm and soothe their spirits. Finally, Ishirut added lightning, so that when their creatures, which they later named as Humanity, look up at the night sky, they are reminded that the creators are always watching and they are never alone.

With their creativity put together, they kept coming up with concept after concept, and eventually, their world was complete, and they decided to call it Roika. Their world came out perfect, just as they had envisioned it. The creators always watched over their world with a smile, but then the humans started to pray for the creators to give them friends other than themselves.

So they created the Drawpets: short, strange looking humanoid creatures with great intelligence and many secrets. The Drawpets and Humans lived happily together for centuries and together they manifested the rest of the world.

However, with everything so happy go lucky, the creators got bored of watching over Roika, so they prepared to leave. With tear-streaked faces, the humans and drawpets begged their creators to stay. Sadly, they refused, but they did realize they couldn't leave their world with no watcher, so they created the Goddess Rhisis. They shaped her in the form of a stunningly beautiful human girl with golden hair and brown eyes, and they clothed her in red, hooded robes. Then, trusting some of their knowledge with the Drawpets, and left Rhisis with the mission of watching over Roika for eternity.

Rhisis watched over Roika for thousands of years, just as she was told, but, being a powerful Goddess, she found it hard to get along with creatures so far beneath her. She had no friend, no one else in this world on her level of power to be her companion and occupy her mind. Then she came up with an idea. Why not create her own creatures? After all, she is a Goddess, surely she can create something of equal or close power to her so that she could have a friend.

Not only was she able to create one God, but she created three, all of which stemmed from her own emotions. First there was Bubble, who represented her happiness and love for the creators. Then there was Shade, who represented all her hate, sorrow, and shame of being abandoned by the creators. Finally, there was Iblis, who represented her apathy for the world of Roika. She decided to give these Gods the form of clowns, and call them the Three Clown Gods.

Acting just on what she represented, Shade took off on a mission to destroy Roika, as punishment to her creators for abandoning her. Using her all powerful magic, she severed a huge chuck of Roika and set it afloat in the sea. Then she used her mind magic to steal the knowledge the creators gave to the Drawpets, killing most of them off, leaving the species nearly extinct. Shade flew off, cackling, thinking her work here was done, expecting the humans to soon die off. But they worked together with the few remaining Drawpets to survive, rebuilt their land, and continued to live on. This chunk of land soon became known as Madrigal.

Shade's anger only made her even more angry. This time, she created a whole army of creatures known as Masquerpet, and sent them off to destroy Madrigal and all it's inhabitants.

Bubble heard the cries of the people, and knew Shade had to be stopped at all costs. He tried to convince Iblis the same, but he didn't care at all about what happens to this world, so Bubble confronted Shade himself. The two God's had a battle of epic proportions. Their battle got so intense that it split Madrigal into three continents, scattering Masquerpets all over the world of Roika.

While the God's battled, the humans also fought against the Masquerpets in an all out war. As the war raged on, humanity lost hope and began to give up, running in fear from Shade's ultimate Masquerpet, Clockworks. Eight brave heroes refused to give in, and sacrificed their lives to cage the titanic, mechanical arachnid.

Shade, acting in the fearful side of her, fled from Bubble, so he and the inhabitants of Madrigal won the war. More and more generations have passed, and humanity has grown strong once more. But peace has never been fully restored, as Shade's Masquerpets are still spread all over the world. But today's generation knows the legend of the eight heroes, and along with knowing that they are from safe and that Shade can return at any time, they prepare themselves for the worst.

“...And that concludes chapter three. Are there any questions?” the teacher asks, closing the book he's holding in the palm of his hand. He faces his class of teenage Vagrants all dressed in the same black uniforms. The hand of a magenta haired female student quickly shoots up. “You have a question? What?” the teacher asks with a raised eyebrow, and all eyes in the classroom turn to her.

“Yes!” she exclaims, jumping to her feet. “How long do you plan to talk us to death about boring crap no one cares about?”

The classroom suddenly feels awkwardly silent, with the only sound that can be heard being some of the classmates trying to hold in their laughter. Others, especially the white haired girl sitting next to hair, stare at her like she's a damned fool.

“Excuse me? Your history is something that all you little Vagrants should be eager to learn.” replies the teacher, glaring at her with an expression that would make any student sit right back down and shut their lips. Any student except sixteen year old Verotia, that is.

“But I'm not here to learn history, I'm here to become a Mercenary! All you do is repeat stories we already know from our childhood! This class is pointless!”she argues back.

“Oh you think you're already so well educated, do you? Your test scores certainly aren't showing it. What was the score you got on your continents test? 37%.” The teacher says, walking towards Verotia's desk with his arms folded behind his back.

Verotia's face flushes red at the mention of her test score. She can hear a couple of the students behind her whispering about how they got a 100% on that easy test. “T-That's only because your multiple choice tests are dumb! There's always more than one correct answer, you can't blame me if the correct answer I choose isn't the one you wanted!”

The teacher chuckles. “Okay, in that case I have a pop quiz for you, 'Misses Know it All'. Why do we call the northern rivers here in Flaris the Rivers of Weeping?”

Verotia flinches and takes a step back at his question. “U-Uh...that's not fair, I'm pretty sure we haven't gotten that far yet...” She says, scratching the back of her head.

“WRONG!!! Hundreds of years ago, a Drawpet told us one of the secrets the Creators gave his people. According to him, before humanity was created, there were beings known as the Caoins. Caoin means to weep, and they resided right by the rivers, which is why we call them the Rivers of Weeping! There aren't many tales of the Caoin's because only the Drawpets know of them. If you had been paying attention, you would have heard this in my lecture today!” The teacher scolds her furiously in his booming voice.

“W-What the heck does the name of a river have to do with becoming a Class?”

“With that attitude of yours, you will be a Vagrant forever. Now be silent and return to your seat!” He walks back over to the front of the classroom, opens his book, and continues reading to them from chapter four.

Verotia slumps back to her seat, crossing her legs and resting her head on her fist, staring out the window. “This is so stupid.” she whispers with a yawn, completely ignoring the lecture.

“Come on Verotia, if we can do this, you can too. It's actually really interesting when you think about it.” says the girl with shoulder length white hair, sitting next to her.

“Maybe to someone like you, but even you have to admit that this shit has absolutely nothing to do with us becoming a Class. How is knowing any of this going to help you achieve your goal of becoming a Psykeeper?” replies Verotia.

“Well I suppose it doesn't. But even still, knowing your history is knowing who you are. You'll never know when you might need to know this type of stuff. Plus, it gives me so much more to draw. I can't wait to show you my sketch of Clockworks.” Luna says with a smile, pushing her glasses up.

The teacher suddenly stops talking, and turns his gaze to the two girls. “HEY, LUNA!!!” He shouts, and she quickly stands. What the hell are you doing talking in class?!”

“S-Sorry, sir...” she replies, hanging her head in shame.

“You're my top student, it isn't like you to do something so ignorant! Talk in class one more time, and I'll move you from my star student right down to the shit list!”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir...” Luna says, sitting back down in embarrassment. The teacher then goes on with his lecture as if nothing happened.

Verotia manages to endure the lecture until class is out, then moves onto her next classes for three more hours, until school is finally out for the day. “Ah, what a long day!” she says as she shuts her locker and puts her backpack on.

“We're only in school for seven hours a day, it's not that bad.” says Luna, as they walk outside together.

“Luna, I swear, you're such a nerd. No sane person can actually enjoy the subjects that don't relate to the Classes.”

“Knowledge is power. Come on, there's only two weeks left until we can take the Class test! You can hang in there until then.” Luna encourages, patting her friend on the back.

“Yo! Wait for me!” a male voice calls out to them. They turn around and see a boy with pale skin and black hair that covers his right eye. When he catches up with them, he rests his hands on his knees, panting.

“I thought I told you two to wait for me at the lockers from now on? You know my last hour class is all the way up at the third floor!” he complains.

“Hey, it's not like we left you or anything. You know we wouldn't do that!” replies Verotia.

“Yes you would! You've done it several times this month already!”

“Poor Leo.” says Luna, petting his head.

Leo rubs his stomach as it starts to growl. “Man, I'm starved! Let's go get some grub!”

Verotia licks her lips at the thought of food. “You said it! All this learning has got me hungry like a wolf!”

Luna nods. “Yes. While we sit down and eat I can show you two my latest drawings. The foods all on Verotia, though.”

Verotia staggers back in shock. “WHAT?! Who told you to go and make a decision like that?!”

“You were a complete, total idiot in history class today! Have you forgotten rule #3 already? Anyone who goes full retard must buy food for everyone! How do you get 37% on a test anyway?” exclaims Leo.

“Because the test was pointless! I do great in every subject that actually relates to the Classes! I'm sure you didn't do so much better anyway!”

Leo rolls his eyes at her. “I got a 95%! That test was freaking easy! Next time, don't try to talk smart to the teacher if you're failing his class!”

The two of them continue to bicker at each other for several minutes until they both run out of stuff to say. In the end, Verotia agrees to pay this once, and the three of them walk outside together.

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Posted on Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:54 am

Not bad, Linda.

I liked it. ^^

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