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Rules for Pro Decklists


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Naito Raizu
Member [LV5]
Member [LV5]

Posted on Sun Oct 05, 2014 9:49 am

Rules for Pro Decklists

Pro Decklists are an integral and exciting feature of this site.  As such, we want to make them stand out and maximize their awesomeness.  In order to do this, we have set up some ground rules for submitting Pro Decklists, as well as rules for behavior in Pro Decklist threads.

Submission Rules

-When submitting a Pro Decklist, please make sure it follows this format.

-When submitting a Pro Decklist, please include a full explanation of how the deck works.  Be as descriptive as possible and we encourage you to really let loose on all the features that make the deck great - hype it up! If the deck is newer, please emphasize the importance of key cards, detail their effects, and explain why they're useful. If the deck is older, feel free to go full blast into what combos the deck can pull off.

-Your explanation of the deck should be about two paragraphs long.  The Naito Raizu standard definition of a paragraph is as follows:

@Naito Raizu wrote:A paragraph should consist of, at the very least, 7 lengthy sentences filled with relevant details and information regarding the topic you are discussing.

Commentary Rules

-Be respectful on every Pro Decklist thread, whether it be a submissions thread, or a published deck. People have put their time and effort into these decks, and telling them that their deck flat out sucks just isn't appropriate.

-The above being said, if you have a recommendation for the deck, or found that replacing a few cards makes it work better, recommend it in a polite manner. You can do so in the article, by saying something along the lines of "I've found that using so and so is really helpful for the deck. You guys might want to try it out."  Constructive criticism is valuable.  Insults are inexcusable.

-In addition, if you see a submission of a deck that just really really sucks and you know it's going to be rejected, wait to say anything until it's rejected. Once it has been rejected, if you're interested in helping make the deck better, approach the deck's owner via pm/chat/deck workshop and pass him your recommendations for the deck.

Thank you for your submissions and constructive posts.  We look forward to seeing high quality Pro Decklists that help define and redefine the meta, and that just overall lead to more enjoyment of the game for everyone!

-DA Administration Board

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