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Example for submitting a Pro Decklist


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Member [LV5]

Posted on Sat Aug 09, 2014 8:45 am

Dear DA students and staff,

When submitting a Pro Decklist for evaluation, please make sure it looks like this:

Example wrote:
Deck picture:

Format and Season that the Deck is for: Basically, tell us what format the deck is for (TCG, OCG, or TCG + OCG) and what season it's for (July 2014, September 2013, etc.). By the way, the Pro Decklists submitted must be for the current ONGOING season. Decklists for previous seasons WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Card List:

Post a list of the cards in your deck. Make sure it looks like this:
How to list out cards:

Monsters [3]
3 Shapesnatch

Spells [0]

Traps [0]

Side Deck [0]

Extra Deck [0]

Please do NOT post a card amount to like this: "3x". The "x" doesn't help at all, and it makes it so that our staffers need to retype every single card of your deck into the spreadsheet if the deck is approved. It's not fun.

Deck Description:This is basically the section to brag about your deck. Talk about the combos it has, or why it runs cards, etc. Make sure you make it sound good. If you're struggling on what to put down, take a look at some of the Pro Decklists in our collection for inspiration.

Deck Picture: Basically, find a picture that you want to accompany your Pro Decklist. If you take a look at some of ours, you'll see that they have pictures in the top left hand corner of the article.

Opening Statement: Basically write a quip about the deck that'll exist in the top right hand corner of the article. It can talk about the deck, or it can be a little rhyme or something. Just make sure it's not something completely off topic. (Ex. Do NOT post the Spongebob Squarepants theme song.)

Thank you all for following this example when submitting your Pro Decklists

-Administrator of Teachers
DA Administration Board, 2014

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