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[OCG] New Set – Clash of Rebellion


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Amy Kool
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Member [LV3]

Posted on Sat Jan 24, 2015 1:32 pm

[OCG] New Set – Clash of Rebellion

We’ve gotten the preliminary info for the next OCG set. But, like, the REALLY preliminary info. You know the kind.

Clash of Rebellion – on sale April 25th

(could also be Crash or Crush, but Clash seems to make the most sense)

5 cards per pack, 30 packs per box
80 main set cards + 10 WPs
6 Ultra Rare, 10 Super Rare, 20 Rare, 54 Normal

– Ultra Rare cards can also come in Ultimate Rare
– Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards can also come in Secret Rare
– 1 card in the set can also come in Holographic Rare

– The newest pack for the Yugioh ARC-V Official Card Game makes its appearance!
– Many of the newest cards from the Yugioh ARC-V anime series are included. Of course, there will also be Japan World Premieres to support popular past themes, and new powerful themes (editor’s note: archetypes) will be introduced!
– In order for this product to reach a wide target audience, a balance of cards for beginners and anime fans as well as experienced players will be included in this pack.
– There will also be a wide variety of monsters to support different types of summoning, including powerful and easy-to-use Pendulum Monsters.

Source: YGOrganization

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